Let us take all of the work out of the day for you

you can simply order whatever joint you prefer,

Bronze Free Range Turkey 

Roast Free-Range Duck

Slow Roast Lamb 

Overnight Confit Beef 

Plus Crab Claws, Cooked Hams and Cheeses 

each joint comes with lots of sides and real gravy from real stock 

Order and collect from your desired location

Michael’s in Mount Merrion


Higgin’s Butchers in Sutton 

each box will come with instructions and will be so simple a child can cook it

no work, no stress, no heavy shopping trips, just pop it in the oven and have a drink

Each box feeds 4 people with leftovers, so order how many boxes you feel is required 

order using this link 


We will take great care not to mess up your Christmas dinner 🙂