Welcome to Michael's
Friends with Benefits... Blackrock
What's going to be there?

We’re opening a new flagship venue in the heart of Blackrock, and we want you, as one of our friends, to be a part of this exciting journey by joining our exclusive club simply by committing to investing in Gift Vouchers to facilitate membership

Once you’re in, you’ll enjoy all the cheeky benefits like an invitation to the exclusive grand launch party, 

access to special FWB tables that get whipped up out of nowhere 

(like the famous scene in goodfellas)

 classy personalised bespoke steak knives or a Crystal Decanter on a Members only wall display full of your choice of tipple

and a luscious gold card with priority bookings for our new secret bar Mini Mike’s.

Gaz will meet you for a drink (or 5) to discuss knife and decanter options and hand deliver the 

vouchers and the launch night invitation to you personally


Should you have any enquiries, drop us a mail on fwb@michaels.ie and we can send you an
 Invoice with payment details and once payment is made a confirmation email will be sent and then we can
arrange your knife choice over a drink
or the payment details are at the bottom of the page for immediate and guaranteed 
membership before they are gone 
It’s strictly first come first serve 
Luxury Food

A luxury steak and seafood restaurant with premium beef, displayed in both dry ageing and bespoke presentation counters.

Great Ambiance

A sleekly designed fully -weatherproofed cocktail and bespoke "Gull Wing"
Champagne terrace, for a unique dining and drinking experience.

Cocktail Bar

A sensual cocktail bar complete with master mixologist who will create your drinks just how you like them.

Mini Mike's

A 25-seater private venue called "Mini Mike's", a cool and funky intimate spot for a lunch,
day drinks or a casual meeting

The Oval

A 12-seater private dining experience called "The Oval" An event space with private bar for activations, parties or hang out.

How It works?

By becoming one of our Friends with Benefits, you commit to buying €10,000 worth of vouchers to facilitate membership. 

This means we get to launch our new venue, with our dream design and look and with support of a select few friends, and we all have fun 
along the way
secure your spot now with an email to fwb@michaels.ie and we will send bank details and a Confirmation email of secured membership

The €10,000 commitment is guaranteed by way of the vouchers, and the membership comes with loads of perks as a thank you for showing your support.

You'll get personalised steak knives, monogrammed with your initials and kept in a lavish display beside our beef "jewellery" counter, Or if you'd prefer, your favourite spirit stored in a beautiful decanter, engraved with your name.

We'll also look after you at our beautiful cocktail bar and heated champagne terrace, for super stylish after work drinks or a long boozy brunch with friends to escape and slip away for a few hours

We'll accommodate you for all your small functions, Private and intimate business talks and deals at "The Oval our 12-seater private dining experience. Perfect for that deal that just has to be done over a bottle of wine.

You'll get your own copper Friends with Benefits membership card, a slick metal number with a hefty feel to it, which will be the envy of all, your friends.

Exclusive Launch Party

There will be a Friends with Benefits first “Members Only” party when Blackrock opens and you’ll be the first guests through the doors. Where Gaz will cook up a personal meal, with (obviously) a shed load of drinks

The Gift Cards

Your membership includes gift cards to the value of €10,000,
These specially designed gift cards are each to the value of €250, and are yours to either use yourself or gift to anyone you please,
They can be used as staff gifts, client perks, Christmas presents, prize donations whatever you want, 

they would be perfect to use
to book a staff party.

They will be accepted in all of our restaurants, not just in Blackrock.


Membership Duration

As you can see, there are loads of perks to becoming a Friend with Benefits, but there are a few parameters too.

Extremely Limited FWB memberships to be allocated.

First come first served

No finger clickers, you’ll be barred and you wont get a T-Shirt !

We will honour the vouchers in any of our restaurants.

If you are not satisfied within the first few months of the offering, we will buy you out for the remainder of the value, no questions asked.

We want you to have fun and enjoy this club, but we ask you to respect our team.

We do not accept any derogatory, rude, sexist or abusive behaviour towards our colleagues.

This gold card doesn’t mean you can be a wanker


Your voucher pack contains €10,000 worth of vouchers, with each voucher valued at €250. 

These can be used over a 5 year period.

 However, in the spirit of what this club is trying to achieve, 

we would appreciate it if a maximum of 4 vouchers  

(totalling €1,000) are used in one sitting unless using for something like a staff party or private event


I can almost promise not to run away to the Bahamas with all of your money 

Join Us

There are only a handful of places and it will operate on a first come first serve basis an email to fwb@michaels.ie and a lodgement to the bank account of €10,000 secures your spot and you’ll get a confirmation email.

Extra Benefits

If you are breezing through your gift cards and would like to extend your membership and roll it over into the following year, we can discuss top up options and extending membership.

Existing members will be given first refusal on membership renewals.

We are genuinely committed to making this a cool little club, with its own on-line presence and lots of fun on social media. We appreciate your commitment to buying into this club.

We want this membership to be something that’s truly unique-a fantastic way to reward your clients, business partners, staff and family.

I also believe that Friends with Benefits will end up being a great little networking hub, filled with people who appreciate good times, great food a sneaky Jäger every now and then.

We want you to be a part of this new venture night from the start, and to know that you helped us to build something that we know is special. If you’ve ever started your own project from the ground up, you’ll know how vital that support is. We hope that you will love what Kate Hartley of KHD and her team are working on for you. We think it’s pretty damn good, and we have a feeling you will agree.

Join Us

There are only a handful of places and it will operate on a first come first serve basis an email to fwb@michaels.ie and a lodgement to the bank account of €10,000 secures your spot and you’ll get a confirmation email.