Our Safety Measures


We felt from day one, as heartbreaking as it was,  that it was safer for us all if we had total separation from our guests and our staff. Contact and Social Distancing would have been the biggest risk factors involved and we have totally elimated the contacting issue, by simply having no contact – 

• Since 13th March no customers have entered the premises, with all food orders being processed through our website and card payment only.

• All collections have either being dropped into you car or left on a collection table outside .

These measures have ensured that we were both protected from each other and we will remain doing this for as long as necessary so we are all safe  We have always had high standards towards hygiene, cleaning, and sterilising. All staff illness and our kitchen HACCP  record system has been  computerised and digital for over a year creating complete transparency for all of our cleaning, food preparation and serving procedures from us with direct access to our EHO ( Health Inspector) 

We have doubled down on this with staffing rotations, distancing and safety conscious rostering of staff as well as the other measures we’ve all became accustomed to:

• Wiping handles and door knobs

• Face Masks

• Stricter staffing sickness protocols 

We hope you understand why we are doing this, we are in the hospitality industry for a reason we love our guests. We really really miss the interactions with you all, we miss the hugs, we miss the laughs, the smiles, ……we even miss the tough stressy services would you believe! 

However,we must protect you, we must protect our staff….one day, we will get our hugs and smiles back in a happy dining room, until then, we’ll feed you in the best, and safest way that we can….. in your own home.

Best of health to you