Which one should I choose?

Michael’s Mount Merrion is The OG; it’s where it all started—a tiny little room in Mount Merrion with an open kitchen and a lovely soul. While it has white tablecloths, it’s casual and homely, and you’ll see all the action. It used to literally be somebody’s living room. This was our first restaurant baby; it’s a special little space with incredible food and service

Big Mike’s, our bravest venture to date, is a big, brash move that created a beautiful space with different areas to suit any occasion. Whether you want just a drink or two on our enclosed terrace, a cocktail at the bar, a glass of wine by yourself, or some friends, maybe a steak or some oysters, none of these require reservations—just rock on up.

We serve lunches Friday to Sunday and dinner Wednesday to Sunday.

Our chefs buy only the best ingredients and cook them with great care. We have a lovely restaurant space with tables for 2–12, warm cozy booths where you can watch the kitchen, and a little private event space hidden away that can be used for casual gatherings or corporate events (screens available). Or you can have a little cocktail party with your own mixologist. Basically, Big Mike’s ticks all your boxes, and solo diners are incredibly welcome.

However, I firmly believe that the design in all places comes second place to how our team make you feel, they are the ones who truly make the place, and in all of our places, you’ll find the team are the real heartbeat of the operation, from the kitchen porters to the general managers and we encourage every one of them to be themselves